Supervision Efforts to Improve Teacher’s Competency


  • Susi Lestari SD Negeri 104 Palembang



Education, Supervision, Teacher Competency


The aim of this research is to look at teacher behavior and skills in order to improve a teacher’s competency. Teachers’ professional abilities require them to be able to increase their role, both as informator, organizer, motivator, director, initiator, transmitter, facilitator, intermediary, and evaluator, so as to be able to increase the role of teachers. This research uses qualitative methods through observation, documentation, and responses from teachers and school principals. The results of this research show the importance of implementing supervision in the academic field to improve teacher competence and the quality of learning through a good learning process and supervision of routine school activities that are running well. Good school facilities support teachers in delivering material and make teachers professional teachers. Supervision has a role in optimizing the responsibilities of all supervision activities related to the use of all research efforts focused on all aspects that are determining factors for the success of education at the institution.


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