The Role of the School’s Committee in the Independent Learning Era


  • Santi Santi SMP Negeri 1 Mesuji



Free Curriculum, Free Learning, School’s Committee


In the era of independent learning, this study tries to ascertain the function and contribution of school committees in raising educational standards. SMP Negeri 1 Mesuji served as the site of this study. Interviews, observation, documentation, and literature reviews are all utilized as data collection methods. Analyses of descriptive and qualitative data were used. According to the analysis’s findings, school committees play a crucial role in managing schools in the independent learning era by overseeing Competency Assessments, implementing the Zoning New Student Acceptance Regulations (PPDB), enhancing facilities and infrastructure, forging ties between communities and schools, and encouraging the improvement of educational resources. During the period of independence, the school committee’s function had an impact on initiatives to raise the standard of instruction at SMP Negeri 1 Mesuji.


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