About the Journal

PPSDP Undergraduate Journal of Educational Sciences is published on December 2022 by Perkumpulan Program Studi Doktor Pendidikan which disseminates the latest research findings from scientists in many fields of social work and science education. More detail, it focuses on publishing original research of social work, educational management, social studies education, educational technology, natural science education, guidance and counseling, elementary education, linguistics education, early childhood education and mathematics education. It is two times journal issued on Juni, and December. The editors welcome submissions of papers describing recent theoretical and experimental research related to (1) theoretical articles; (2) empirical studies; (3) practice-oriented papers; (4) case studies; (5) review of papers, books, and resources.


Educational Journal of Innovation and Publication (EJIP)

International Journal of Social Sciences, Social Study and Humaniora (I-JOSSSSH)

International Journal of Health Education and Therapy (IJ-HET)

International Journal of Education and Technology (I-JET)

Jurnal Prajaiswara

At-Ta'lim : Media Informasi Pendidikan Islam

Journal of E-Learning, Multimedia, and Discourse of Teacher (JEMDT)