Enhancing the Role of Academic Supervision: A Comprehensive Review and Effective Implementation Framework


  • Septina Dwi Ayu Universitas PGRI Palembang




Framework Implementation Effective, Overview Comprehensive, Supervision


This research aim for know framework which implementation is more effective through review comprehensive to increase role supervision academics at SMA Negeri 2 Kayuagung. With use method qualitative descriptive in an elaborate description in a way specific and deep; also use technique studies literature in the data collection process. Possible results withdrawn from the study this means that in implementation enhancement supervision academics, more agreed-upon techniques were used collaboratively without sharing individual and group information, so they felt more effective in composing and executing the compiled program. However, in plan academic program preparation, researchers more agree with direct compile related three matters, starting from plan annually, quarterly, and all at once plan supervision academic, including compiling a design framework for effective and appropriate implementation.  So, for application in the future, we can use considerations such as the following: (1) increasing role supervision, academics, and professionalism. Good from teachers and supervision so that capable collaborate in accordance with the preparation plan academics and improvement role supervision that alone. Until the results obtained show more positive and functional direction, (2) Role of the Head School in organizing and deciding A design framework for effective implementation must be objective and cooperative. (3) Overview Comprehensive felt very much needed to be done periodically as part of the indicator results evaluation. For repair preparation framework implementation.


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